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Product Showcase:
Circular Connectors
62IN Series Connector

Amphenol 62IN Series connectors are general purpose, environment resistant, miniature circular connectors with three-point bayonet-coupling and five-key polarisation. Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-C-26482, Series I solder type and British standard BS 9522 F00 17, these connectors are widely used in applications calling for quick disconnect connectors.

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Series 2 Connector

This catalog covers the Amphenol MIL-C-26482, Series 2 Connectors. These connectors are bayonet-coupling type, and they feature crimp contacts that are rear insert able and rear releasable. They can be ordered through Amphenol, by military or equivalent proprietary part numbers.

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MS,97 and 97B Series Connector

Amphenol MS and 97 series are two series of thread-coupled connectors designed to meet the operating requirements of MIL-C-5015. Available in a variety of styles and classes, these connectors are primarily used in a range of military and industrial applications where specific degrees of environmental protection are required.Amphenol MS series of connectors are also qualified to meet the operating requirements of Indian Defence Standard Joint Services Specifications JSS50812, issued by the Electronics Components Standardization Organisation (LCSO)Bangalore

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Series III Connector

Amphenol Tri-Start MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Connectors offer the highest performance capabilities for both general duty and severe environment applications. Meeting or exceeding MIL-DTL-38999 Series III require-ments, the Tri-Start connector with standard metal shells (aluminum or stainless steel with several finish options) offers these features like EMI Shielding solid metal, Contact Protection, Moisture Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Vibration/Shock, Firewall Capability, Lockwiring Eliminated, Quick Coupling, Inventory Support Commonality, Electrostatic Discharge Protection, Lightweight, Corrosion Resistance, Durability and Extended Life Contact.

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Russian Connectors

Amphenol Russian Series are of threaded - coupled connectors designed to meet the operating requirements of Indian Defense Standard Joint Services Specifications JSS 50860, issued by Electronics Components Standardisation Organization (LCSO)

Amphenol Russian Series are used in Defense Military, Communication/Tracked Vehicle and various other Defense applications.

They are intermateable with other Russian connectors.

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